POTD: The Adjudicators

The Adjudicators
Bozeman, Montana

A popular image from my Opus Corvus exhibit. To me they bring to mind judges in their black robes gathering to hear an important case.

4 thoughts on “POTD: The Adjudicators”

  1. Love this! Yes, they do look judgmental. I think you may be a bit of a “bird whisperer” as they seem to pose just right for you. It’s a nice photo in an artistic sense, too.

    1. Thanks Betty and Judy. No secret to getting them to pose. The trick is to take a hundred or more photos and throw away everything that doesn’t look posed correctly.

  2. This is a beautiful photo. I like the textures, light, and composition. I’m not sure that I see judges, but I do feel an intimacy that I don’t often feel when I see birds.

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