POTD: Amish Pickup Truck

Amish Pickup Truck
Garnett, Kansas

I don’t know a lot about the Amish faith. In fact about all I know is that some Amish don’t drive motor powered vehicles at all. Around Garnett, there are some Amish that aren’t allowed to drive cars, but they can own and drive tractors, so you see a lot of Amish driving tractors around town on errands. They aren’t allowed to drive pickup trucks either, but apparently pulling a trailer made from the back half of a pickup behind your tractor is o.k. It seems to me like that’s splitting a mighty fine religious hair, but whatever works.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Amish Pickup Truck”

  1. A very typical view in Garnett, especially on Tuesdays because of the community sale. This one is state of the art. Notice the addition of a crossbed toolbox. Wolken Tire probably likes this vehicle with its 6 wheels rather than 4…. more tire sales! Only thing better would be the 16 wheelers that usually occupy that parking space when needing repair. The photo certainly represents both old and new with the old represented by the fascinating old building and the religious beliefs of the driver.

    1. There was actually a second tractor pulling a trailer parked there later with a flat tire. Then after that, one of those 16 wheelers you mentioned.

  2. David Tornquist

    These may be the meninites ( not sure of spelling ) they were allowed to use certain powered equipment. I remember when I traveled through Amish country in Ohio you could tell which houses belonged to the meninites by the gas powered weed wacker leaning up against the house.

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