POTD: Structured Graffiti

Structured Graffiti
Ephraim, Wisconsin

We’re in Wisconsin visiting my wife’s family for a few days before flying on to a meeting in Ashville, NC, so I get to photograph some new locations and post from the road (or air) for a while. We came across this boathouse on a drive up to Door County today. The tradition is for travelers to record their passing on the sides of the building. It probably used to be a lot more informal, but now they post rules for acceptable posts (size, content, even recommended paintbrush size). If it’s that regulated, I wonder if it really qualifies as graffiti at all.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Structured Graffiti”

  1. Very interesting. Rather confining like taking class notes on a single sheet of lined notebook paper making it necessary to write small and in the margins too.

    1. I took a statistics exam once where we were allowed to bring in one sheet of paper with any notes on it we wanted. My sheet looked a lot like that building.

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