POTD: The Runner

The Runner
Oro Valley, Arizona

The Cooper’s hawk in yesterdays POTD seemed to prefer the neighbor’s bird feeder in the front of the house we were staying at, while this similar looking sharp-shinned hawk spent it’s time lurking about our bird feeder in the back yard. (Note: I’m reasonably sure these were not the same bird and not of the same species. However, I’m somewhat less sure I’ve identified the correct species in both cases.) We never saw either bird actually successfully snag a song bird at the feeders, but we did see this one latch onto a finch at one point. After a brief wrestling match, the finch was able to escape and fly away.

I lived in Arizona for four years back in the 70s and I don’t remember ever having as much fun watching local birds back then as we did in just two months this year. Maybe bird watching is more of a “sport” for the old folks.

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