POTD: Free Dance

Free Dance
Bozeman, Montana

A while back I saw a photo online of a set of about a dozen twigs a that someone had collected that looked like stick figures in various poses. They had placed them all in a grid pattern on a white background and then photographed the group together so you could see all the various “poses” together. It was nice concept and well executed. (Unfortunately I don’t remember where I saw it, probably on Instagram, so can’t post a link too it.) I imagined at the time that it must have taken them quite some time to collect all those figure-like twigs, but my experience the next day perhaps suggests otherwise. On my usual walk through the neighborhood, without trying or even thinking about the stick figure idea, I saw this figure “dancing” across the the sidewalk in front of me. So I brought it home and photographed it with part of a J. M. W. Turner painting as a background.

It’s interesting how a rather quick view of that photo of stick figures subconsciously affected my own way of seeing the world–at least for a day anyway. It’s similar, I guess, to the effect I get from spending time in an art museum–when I leave, everything outside looks like art to me for a while. I’ve been quite successful with using that mindset to my advantage if I happen to be carrying my camera at the time.

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