POTD: Bison Magic Hour

Bison Magic Hour
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The POTD postings have been a bit out of whack for the last few days, partly because of operator error but mostly because we’ve been down in Yellowstone camping out of cell range, so notices couldn’t be emailed until today even though the blog entries themselves were scheduled for automatic posting each day. Everything should be up to date now. The silver lining in this posting irregularity is that now I have a few nice Yellowstone photos to share over the next few days, including this one of a bison enjoying the evening “magic hour” that photographers are always talking about.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Bison Magic Hour”

    1. Thanks Kathy! (Full disclosure though, that’s actually a Wyoming image. But I always think of it as YNP independent of state anyway.)

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