September 2022

POTD: Pushing to the Top

Pushing to the Top
Bridger Mountains, Montana

Walking along the ridge line towards Saddle Peak in the Bridgers earlier this summer, I was afforded this kind of view one moment but “lost” in a dense fog the next.  This is because I was moving along the ridge but also because the clouds were randomly pushing up and over the ridge in various places as I walking. If the trail weren’t right along the ridge line and if I hadn’t hiked it a number of times before, I would have been a bit concerned about being truly lost in the fog.

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POTD: Ulterior Motives

Ulterior Motives
American Prairie, Montana

When I first started taking the photographs of the gate latch shown in the POTDs from the last two days, these cows were all way in the background of the area shown this picture. But, as I was shooting, I noticed they were almost all very purposely trotting directly towards me. It felt weird to be the center of attention of a bunch of cattle, but I soon realized they weren’t really interested in me at all. Instead it was the gate, more specifically that I might open the gate for them to go through. I did in fact open the gate and move my bicycle through it. As soon as I closed it again the cows quickly lost all interest in my doings.

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POTD: Get Out of My Yard

Get Out of My Yard
American Prairie, Montana

A couple of black tailed prairie dogs keeping an eye on all the bison wandering through the neighborhood. Bison are attracted to prairie dog towns as the almost total elimination of plants around the area due to the prairie dogs feeding on them creates expanses of dirt perfectly conducive to using as buffalo wallows.

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POTD: Stir It Up

Stir It Up
American Prairie, Montana

Bison roll in dirt to remove loose fur and to rid themselves of fleas and other insect pests. And probably because it just feels so good to have your back scratched.

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