October 2022

POTD: Pack ’em In

Pack ’em In
Bighorn Canyon, Montana

I was impressed by how good a job the wind and boat caused ripples and waves on the reservoir at Bighorn Canyon did at packing, with such little overlap or open space, these bits of driftwood into a little rocky nook along the shore.

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POTD: Close Enough

Close Enough
Bighorn Canyon, Montana

I don’t think we’ve ever camped at Bighorn Canyon without seeing the namesake sheep, often walking right through the campground grazing next to vehicles etc. They seem very comfortable around humans, so it wasn’t surprising that they did not scatter immediately when I saw them this day even though I was a couple miles away from camp hiking on a trail at the time.

After coming across the sheep and realizing they did not seem bothered by my presence, I decided to see how close I could get to them for a photograph before they did react. This was as close as I got before, as it turned out, I was the one who blinked so to speak and turned around and walked off. The closer I got the more my mind began to focus on those horns and the thought of what they might do with them if they felt threatened and chose fight vs. flight. If there had been a ram with them, I probably would not have approached this close before chickening out.

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POTD: Bare Tree #94

Bare Tree #94
Bighorn Canyon, Montana

I’ve walked by and photographed this dead tree several times before. It’s starting to feel like an old friend, one who’s outfit might, on a dark and storm night, come across as a really spooky Halloween costume.

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POTD: Idle Threats

Idle Threats
Bighorn Canyon, Montana

If you’ve ever had a dog, then you have likely had incidents where your dog sees some unfamiliar object in a familiar environment and starts barking at it, thinking it to be, I suppose, a threatening critter of some sort. I never felt like barking at this unusual dachshund/giraffe shaped stick that was in the parking lot near where we were camping but I did do a double-take every time it came across my vision.

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POTD: Context is Everything

Context is Everything
Lincoln, Montana

This is a sculpture by Steven Siegel titled Hill and Valley. Siegel is a well-known artist and I’ve seen his similar works in a number of places from Sun Valley, Idaho to Kansas City, but this one appears against the most fitting background of any off them I think. Context might not actually be everything, but it’s a lot!

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