POTD: Context is Everything

Context is Everything
Lincoln, Montana

This is a sculpture by Steven Siegel titled Hill and Valley. Siegel is a well-known artist and I’ve seen his similar works in a number of places from Sun Valley, Idaho to Kansas City, but this one appears against the most fitting background of any off them I think. Context might not actually be everything, but it’s a lot!

2 thoughts on “POTD: Context is Everything”

    1. That would be a good place for one I’d think. (Been a long time since I was in the D.C. Botanical Gardens.) There are two (that I know of in Montana) that are basically permanent installations. I saw a large installation in Sun Valley, ID maybe a decade ago I was assuming was temporary. I’ve also seen them in Topeka, KS and somewhere else in that part of the country (Omaha?, K.C.?, St. Louis?) but my brain is too fuzzy to recall exactly where.

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