November 2022

POTD: Flying Feeder

Flying Feeder
Bozeman, Montana

Originally I hung this peanut butter smeared pine cone in the tree to attract songbirds. Instead it became a big attraction to the local magpie population who spent a lot of time trying to discover the easiest way to score some peanut butter with the least amount of effort.

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POTD: Lazy Moons

Lazy Moons
Bozeman, Montana

In late September I read an article in the news about the planet Jupiter. It was something about it being brighter in the night sky than it has been for many years–or something like that, I forget the exact issue. Anyway, that night I went out to see it and was amazed not only that it was in fact quite bright, but also that I could easily make out four moons with the moderately decent pair of binoculars that we have. So then, just for grins, I grabbed my camera with its 100-400mm telephoto lens, braced it against a porch post and took this handheld shot. I’m sure that not even bothering with a tripod puts me in the running for the world’s laziest astro-photographer and you certainly will never see my celestial photos in Sky and Telescope magazine, but the results are still oddly pleasing to this former childhood astronomy buff.

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POTD: Mystery Creatures

Mystery Creatures
Bozeman, Montana

I’ve see these snail shells with some regularity on our land, so why is it I’ve never seen a live snail that I can recall in the 40 years we’ve owned the property?

Conversing with an acquaintance in a bar down in Alabama years ago we got to talking about opossums. He said “I think possums are the only animal that’s born dead” because the only time he’d ever seen one was squashed on a road somewhere. I think I may have found another species that possesses that same strange characteristic. Regardless, they do make for lovely photographic subjects.

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POTD: Racing Confusion

Racing Confusion
Gray Mountain, Arizona

Just above this figure, in large black letters, it says “No to Racism.” That left me confused as to the relevance of this drawing, although the words and drawing did kind of look like they had been placed there at the same time by the same person. Perhaps in this case it was the rat race they were referring to.

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POTD: Canyon Olympics

Canyon Olympics
Flagstaff, Arizona

I was standing at an overlook at the Grand Canyon many years ago when an “old” guy (probably younger than I am now) came up, took a look and turned to his wife and said “Looks like a great place to throw old razor blades.” No, no it’s not. Nor is it a place for discus throws, no matter how artistically they are thrown.

While we’re headed to Arizona again this winter, this photo was taken on our return from there in March of this year.

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