August 2022

POTD: Postmark South Pass City

Postmark South Pass City
South Pass City, Wyoming

This still life recreation of the post office in South Pass City is interesting but doesn’t stand up well to close inspection. These two letters with return addresses from elsewhere are addressed to South Pass City residents, yet they bear no postmark from those other locations. To add to the confusion, there is the postmark stamp for South Pass City resting on top of the envelopes.

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POTD: Drinking Game

Drinking Game
South Pass City, Wyoming

You can learn a lot about history at restored/recreated places like the South Pass City Historic Site. But quite frankly I enjoy visiting such places for the interesting still life scenes as much as anything else. The recreations provide teasing glimpses of what life in those times must have been like.

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POTD: Greetings

Riverside, Wyoming

We made a trip to southern Wyoming last week to meet up with some friends. I guess this big sign was painted to try and avoid confusion for visitors in the area since this particular view of Wyoming looks more like Kansas to me.

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