POTD: Stir It Up

Stir It Up
American Prairie, Montana

Bison roll in dirt to remove loose fur and to rid themselves of fleas and other insect pests. And probably because it just feels so good to have your back scratched.

8 thoughts on “POTD: Stir It Up”

  1. We once drove through the Lamar valley and there was a very large bison EATING dirt. That completely flummoxed my then 10 year old who pondered that well into the summer.

      1. You mean, that family lore is really a myth? This is something we never considered – I will have to deliver that possibility gently to the now 29 year old.

          1. I actually called Yellowstone Research and talked with a very personable and informative ranger – he agreed with you. And didn’t mock my inquiry which was made with a smile, of course.

          2. Molly, I certainly didn’t think that was a current belief of yours! I’m not a strong believer in the use of emojis but they do have their use at times, especially when one can’t smile along with their comments like you did when talking to that ranger in person. 🙂

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