POTD: Rocky Mountain Portal Tomb

Rocky Mountain Portal Tomb
Bozeman, Montana

Some portal tombs are free-standing and some like this one are built into a hillside. I’ve never seen a portal tomb outside of Ireland and I’ve never seen one this small. Suitable for foxes, coyotes or similar sized animals, this one is right off the road leading to our mountain house. I’ve driven that road for 39 years now and this fall was the first time I ever noticed it. So much for my powers of observation, although to be fair, that section of road is narrow with a drop off so it’s not a real good idea to be gawking around much while negotiating it.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Rocky Mountain Portal Tomb”

  1. Ummm Larry, before you stick your nose in there with thoughts of ending up in Ireland, think about the fact that you might end up in the ER as your first stop. It looks like a perfect place for rattlers to hide.

    1. I just have to travel through the portal in the winter when its way to cold for rattlesnakes. Won’t have to worry about them on at all on the other end as everyone knows Ireland has no snakes thanks to St. Patrick. 🙂

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