POTD: Views From the Pond #35

Views From the Pond #35
Bozeman, Montana

A wider view of the upper pond.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Views From the Pond #35”

  1. Brrr… but I love the image. I can imagine you sitting on the platform watching the frogs and dragon flies – in warmer weather. Doesn’t matter to me which pond you feature – they both look lovely and very peaceful places to pass some time.

    1. Thanks Judy. In this, the upper pond, we can also watch 100-200 gold fish swimming around as well. We used to have 30-40 fish in the lower pond but they all died off one year for some reason. Connie reintroduced 5 fish from the upper pond to the lower pond this year but we rarely see them as they spend most all of their time hiding out under the various spots of pond scum.

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