POTD: Views From the Pond #34

Views From the Pond #34
Bozeman, Montana

We actually have two ponds on our property, which we refer to as the lower pond and the upper pond for, well, obvious reasons. The lower pond is older, smaller and more intimate feeling than the upper pond which is newer and bigger and more open. It’s the lower pond that has been featured in my Views From the Pond series of images. So my big dilemma today has been to decide if I should allow photos from the upper pond in this series. After all, the title is “views from THE pond” implying they are all of a single specific pond,  not “views from A pond” which would seem to allow photographs from any pond. In defiance of the grammatical issue, I’ve decide to allow images from either of our pond in the series. I still don’t feel 100% comfortable with this decision, but hey, if that’s the worst quandary I find myself in today I’ll be doing good.

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