Synthesizing Icons at the Holter Museum of Art

I’m a little late with this announcement as it’s been up for a while now. But it’s still there through the end of this month. This is my second solo exhibition at the Holter, a great museum with a great staff and a very engaged community of supporters. This exhibit is a MAGDA traveling exhibition (Montana Art Gallery Directors Association) and was sponsored by SLAM of Bozeman (Support Local Artists and Musicians). Click here for more information on the exhibit.

6 thoughts on “Synthesizing Icons at the Holter Museum of Art”

  1. Seeing these photos together like this, I am appreciating them even more. They are beautiful and provocative. And I love how your work is described on their website. Congratulations on getting these in the museum!

    1. Thanks Carol. I thought their selection of these particular 19 images from the set of 30 +/- I originally submitted for the touring exhibit was interesting. Alyhough it is a nice set. It was not the 19 I would have picked myself. When this occurs. I always wonder what their decision making criteria were. As for the writing, some of it I wrote and some I did not. The product certainly is more scholarly ( in an art sense) and deep than what I would write left to my own devices!

  2. Impressive, Larry – well deserved attention. (My eye naturally saw “Covid” when they mentioned “Corvid” – sign of the times.) I so appreciate and enjoy the variety of images you post on POTD.

    1. Thanks Judy, and not only is there the corvid/covid thing going on, but also the MAGDA/MAGA association. Sorry to inadvertently steer anyone’s mind in either of those directions!

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