Month: October 2021

POTD: Views From the Pond #18

Views From the Pond #18
Bozeman, Montana

This photo was taken pretty much at the peak of the fall color around our house.

POTD: Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden
American Prairie Reserve, Montana

These orderly groups of corral panels spread out across the prairie reminded me of a similar but more elegant and purposeful sculpture garden here in Montana, that at Tippet Rise.

POTD: Accidental Expressionism

Accidental Expressionism
American Prairie Reserve, Montana

Framed in my camera’s viewfinder, this random smear of goop of some kind on the highly textured, rusted steel side of a corral panel formed a pleasing (to me anyway) expressionist abstract composition.

POTD: Bullpen Abstract

Bullpen Abstract
American Prairie Reserve, Montana

It takes a pretty hefty structure to secure a wild bison. These panels stand maybe eight feet high and are made of heavy steel.

POTD: Cloud Chamber

Cloud Chamber
American Prairie Reserve, Montana

Even though I did statistical work for several nuclear scientists for a number of years, my knowledge of particle physics is stunningly minimal. Still, when I saw these weld marks on a corral panel, for some reason my mind immediately thought “cloud chamber.” I believe that reaction was not due to my work with the physicists; rather it was the result of my mind going back to some bit I read or heard about in science class, probably in junior high school.

It turns out that most cloud chamber photographs have a black background and white streaks instead of the reverse as is shown here. That means, I suppose, that I’ve been having negative thoughts about cloud chambers all these years.

Bozeman Magazine

Thanks to Bozeman Magazine for selecting me as their cover artist for October!

POTD: Self-Portrait With Bison

Self-Portrait With Bison
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

More recently than our trip to the American Prairie Reserve we spent several days camping in Yellowstone, enjoying fine weather and the best fall colors in years and of course the wildlife. We saw literally hundreds of bison in various areas of the park’s north side. This is the only safe way to get a selfie with some bison. I probably should have stuck my head further out the window if I really was going for a selfie but this actually happened by accident.