POTD: Practical Jokers

Practical Jokers
Makoshika State Park, Montana

I hiked a little used trail in Makoshika that was hard to follow in spots. However, when it came up out of the bare badlands onto a large expanse of grass covered mesas and  hills it became much easier to follow as the grass was worn and trampled. Even when the trail seemed to split I was confident I made the correct turn–until I came around a corner and saw these ladies running from me. It turns out I was just on one of a number of horse trails in the area. Rather than backtrack to try and find the human-made tail, I figured I was going in more or less the right direction so continued to follow the horse trail to the edge of the mesa I was on. From there I could see a trail sign in a saddle down below. So the detour was not big deal, except it did take some unpleasant bushwhacking through tangles of juniper trees to actually get back on track. I could image the horses having a good laugh over fooling another hiker.

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    1. Thanks Kathy. Not being a horse person myself, I’ll have to take your word for it about that pregnancy assessment. About all I was able to discern is that they were in fact mares.

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