POTD: Some Thoughts on American Democracy Today

Some Thoughts on American Democracy Today
Bozeman, Montana


2 thoughts on “POTD: Some Thoughts on American Democracy Today”

  1. Good sentiment. Scary picture. One of the houses down the road has a raggedy American flag flying upside down and a yard full of Trump/Pence election signs. Hopefully, Red or Blue, we can all agree that 2020 should be dead, buried and forgotten. 57 years ago today marks a singular event in some of our lifetimes that really spawned the phrase “conspiracy theory”. I remember being a young child concerned that there was really something going on that the adults wouldn’t talk to us about, which was explained to us through popular culture in the decades following with theories of Cubans, Mafia’s and Deep State even though there was the Warren Commissions official explanation running like 600 pages. Of course Earl Warren was a Republican Governor of California and buddies with Nixon- oops I regress….

    1. Much of the innocence of childhood we baby boomers enjoyed was destroyed on this day back in 1963. But in it’s own insidious way, what has happened over the last four years and especially in the last two weeks is even worse for our country. Very depressing.

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