POTD: Still Life With Socks

Still Life With Socks
Bozeman, Montana

Waiting out the dog days of summer at our cabin outside of Bozeman. We’ve had the place so long the place is stating to take on a vintage look. Note the boombox circa 1987 on the shelves and the slightly more recent VCR player above it–all the civilization you need. Well, those two things, the LCD TV, internet access (however poor) and a few other things and it’s all you need.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Still Life With Socks”

  1. And a couple of fans to keep you cool. 🥵 I love the image. Remember when we visited you there many years ago!

    1. Thanks Judy. That was loooong time ago you guys were here. The place has changed considerably since then. Me however, I’ve not changed a bit! 😀

  2. The first thing I noticed was the boombox, I have something like it in my shop. (Takes a licking…) The second was the big clock. We have one in our living room. We wanted a clock we could see from the kitchen and dining room without squinting. I can also see it in the middle of the night when I let the dog out even with minimal night lighting without my glasses on, so I can tell if he is on schedule or not.

    1. We have an even bigger clock at our house in town. Needs to be big as it sits up about 10 feet above the floor. It can be read from the front door at the other end of the house. One might think I’m obsessed with time.

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