POTD: Found Things

Found Things
Bozeman, Montana

I could do a whole portfolio of images of the various things we’ve found on our property that are slowly taking over all the space on our windowsills. I found these two items on a short walk just the other day. I know for sure the skull is from a skunk. I assume the feather is from a hawk, or possibly an owl I suppose as we have both in the area.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Found Things”

  1. The missing sense of scale in this photo is intriguing. I realize intellectually that the skunk skull is not very big, maybe 4 inches long. But the feather could be any length. So putting the two side by side plays with my understanding of how big each is. It keeps me looking longer and trying to figure it out visually….but no luck! 😉

    1. Maybe that’s actually a giant feather! 🙂 Actually the feather was only slightly longer than the skull, but right up close to the camera lens, hence the scale issue.

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