POTD: Everyone Else Is Doing It So Why Shouldn’t I?

Everyone Else Is Doing It So Why Shouldn’t I?
Bozeman, Montana

There are many, many photographs out there on the internet featuring the comet NEOWISE in some very stunning settings, so I felt no need to add anything to that collection. But the other night I succumbed to the temptation and took a few shots from our west porch. It was an true stellar evening (pun intended) as in addition to the comet I saw the International Space Station pass overhead, three moons around the planet Jupiter (through my binoculars), a few of the other four planets also visible that evening, and two meteorites, one of which I swore passed in front of the camera when I was taking this 10 second exposure (but alas it did not show up in the image). I don’t plan on doing anything with my comet photos, except it’s possible that NEOWISE will end up in one of my composite photos one of these days.