POTD: Summer Camp

Summer Camp
American Prairie Reserve, Montana

The homesteaders who built this cabin on the edge of the Missouri Breaks used it in the summer to monitor their herd of 80 cattle. I believe it’s the first log cabin I’ve ever seen from such an early time in Montana’s history that had been stuccoed on the outside.

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    1. Kathy, I don’t think stucco adds any structural value to a building, in fact the opposite is true. It is just chicken-wire and plaster hanging off the walls and adding weight that would actually help drag the wall down over time. The American Prairie Preserve is a collection of somewhat separate properties all bordering on the Charlie Russel National Wildlife Refuge and/or the Missouri Breaks National Monument. The idea is to create the largest contiguous natural reserve in America with the goal of (among other things) restoring bison to some of their original natural habitat after a 120 year absence. Their website is https://www.americanprairie.org

  1. Last couple of photos have all different subjects but I’ve appreciated that they all have fantastic skies.

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