POTD: The Old Home Place

The Old Home Place
Bozeman, Montana

In my commentary to the POTDs I will sometimes refer to our “mountain house” or our “cabin” or maybe even just our house, but it occurred to me that that doesn’t mean anything to a lot of you. So here’s a shot of the place. We designed and built it ourselves starting in 1982 and lived there full time for a number of years in two different stretches before and after jobs elsewhere. Eventually I got tired of clearing snow in the winter (always at least a half mile of road, sometimes as much as 1.5 miles depending on who else was working on the road down below us). Now we have a house in town as well.

8 thoughts on “POTD: The Old Home Place”

  1. I remember visiting you there. It is a beautiful property – but I certainly understand the snow issue!

  2. I tried nailing some boards together once, hoping they would stay at right angles to each other. They just flopped around. You two designed and built a beautiful home even though construction wasn’t your profession. I have always been impressed. (Plus, I love the location!!!)

    1. Thanks Carol. Maybe you just needed another nail for your project. 🙂 I’ve always explained building a house this way: first you nail two boards together, then you nail another one to those, then just repeat again and again until you have a house.

  3. Both our boys have a vivid memory of the video game they played when we were there – and we remember the long road into your place – we had just purchased a new car and were a little unsure it could navigate the road. It really is a beautiful setting – but winter there I’m sure would be rough. Loved your description of building a house – somehow think it’s a little more involved than just nailing some boards together!

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