POTD: Parts Room

Parts Room
County Mayo, Ireland

Many of the ruins we visited in Ireland are under the care of the government and most of those ruins had a “spare parts” room that was gated off where they piled all the miscellaneous pieces of graves, walls, and other features that had been lying about the place when it was tidied up for the public to visit. That they were put away for safe keeping suggests that there is at least a theoretical (i.e., non-funded) interest in eventually restoring the place a bit.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Parts Room”

  1. Apparently, Ireland is fairly aggressive at withdrawing from development cultural and ancient sites. It has caused some controversy as most of the building sites are the same now as they were 3000 years ago, and it is limiting new construction and land use change. Dig a hole, find a heritage rock, and that often stops development. I am not sure if there is a process to release or mitigate or adjudicate these finds.

    1. I did not hear anything about that effort to withdraw cultural sites from development. Given I kind of like Ireland the way it is, if for no other reason than selfishness I’d have to say I support that aggressiveness. In fact I’d like to see a similar stumbling block for development implemented around here to drastically slow down our runaway growth!

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