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Nanjing, China

If it were not in a collection of fossils it would have been a surprise to me to discover that this is in fact a fossil and not an artistic relief sculpture. On doing some research, it was definitely a surprise to find out these are animals, not flowers. (My guess would have been poppies.)

Encrinite is the name for the rock that is formed from crinoids, the name for the individual animals. The name crinoids comes from the Greek word krinon which means lily. A common name for the plants, er animals, is sea lily.

6 thoughts on “POTD: Encrinite”

  1. This and the previous post of fossil fish are amazing! I expected you to explain the title as the Latin name for ginko leaves! So I am equally astounded that these were animals. Very cool subject and photograph.

    When will you return stateside?

    P.S. The words next to the check boxes below this post do not appear…as though they are in a black font unreadable against the black background. This has been so for a long time…

    1. I’ve actually been back from Nanjing since just before Thanksgiving. You are not the first person whose asked me this. I guess a lot of people think that the location shown in the POTDs is where I am when I post it rather than where the photo was taken.

      I thought I’d addressed that black font issue a long time ago–apparently not! I’ll have to check into it.

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