POTD: Striped Dome #2

Striped Dome #2
Lisbon, Portugal

2 thoughts on “POTD: Striped Dome #2”

  1. I love perfectly symmetrical structures and photos thereof. Nicely done!

    When I photographed the MT capital, I had to lie on my back to get it all in the frame. I’ve also placed the camera on the floor pointing up. Did you have to resort to similar contortions for this one?

    1. Thanks Kathy. I was sorely tempted to lay on my back to capture more in the frame. There weren’t even many people around either so I would not have been in the way. Somehow it just seemed excessive and in reality I would not have added that much to the frame. So I made due with just craning my neck back. Laying on the floor would have been a more stable position for steadying the camera though–and it would have avoided the stiff neck that results from tilting your head way back for so long!

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