POTD: The Beast of Sidewinder Canyon

The Beast of Sidewinder Canyon
Death Valley National Park, California

This elephantine creature was perched on the canyon wall the day I hiked into Sidewinder Canyon.

2 thoughts on “POTD: The Beast of Sidewinder Canyon”

  1. I hope you took it home with you. I have a few things I had photographed over the years that came home with me and I always hoped to have an exhibit that featured the photograph and the item sitting next to it.

    No one else seems to share my enthusiasm for the project.

    Anyway another find to that tickles my weird funny bone. Good seeing.

    1. Thanks Allan. You know I wanted to take it home with me but when I reached for it it scampered off up the canyon and I never did catch up with it.

      I like your idea of an exhibit of such things and their portraits. I’ve got about 15′ of windowsill in my studio full of candidate items. These are all things that I’ve collected or saved thinking they would look good in a still life photos as soon as I can find the time to create an artful arrangements of sets of them. So far that has not happened but the collection continues to grow. Even if it never gets done I enjoy looking at the real item half of the kind of exhibit you proposed.

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