POTD: Watch Your Step

Watch Your Step
Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota

We had a border collie named Cisco who was afraid to walk across our kitchen floor. The floor was 12″x12″ white and black tiles placed in a checker board pattern. Near as I could tell, Cisco thought the black squares were holes and he didn’t want to step in them. I wonder if he would have had a problem with these strong shadows as well.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Watch Your Step”

    1. Thanks Kathy. Regarding Cisco’s phobia related to the kitchen floor. We didn’t mind him not being in the kitchen but he had to go through there to get to the door to the backyard. It created such a quandary for him (and us) that we finally had to put a carpet runner down across the floor so he could get across. Eventually the floor was replaced with Pergo flooring with a simple wood look. He liked that much better.

  1. A mall in the bay area has a black & white checkered floor, it sent the Meniere’s disease into overdrive and i probably looked like a drunk walking across it. So I can sympathize with Cisco.

    1. That kind of thing must be tough to deal with, and I hope I don’t belittle your experience if it makes me wonder if dogs can get Meniere’s disease or something similar.

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