POTD: Goldfield Art Cars

Goldfield Art Cars
Goldfield, Nevada

If you’ve been wondering about the strange collection of images of strange collections of object that I’ve posted over the last week or so, they came from a strange collection of strangely decorated cars in Goldfield called the Goldfield Art Cars. There were five or six cars total in the collection, all hyper-decorated with excessive amounts of random objects artfully(?) arranged all over them.

If I remember the story correctly, these cars were all created by “Rockette Bob” of Reno, Nevada and all used to be driveable at the time of their creation. Bob used to park them on the streets of Reno, moving them every few days so the authorities could not impound them, something they were eager to do for some reason (apparently they were not art lovers).

All was well with the cars until Bob got quite sick and was unable to move the cars for some time. They were impounded and eventually put up for auction. They were destined for the junkyard but rescued due to the last-minute efforts of the current owners who moved them to Goldfield, which seems to have a better appreciation for them than did Reno.

As fascinating as the art cars where, apparently I missed the even bigger automotive attraction just outside Goldfield, the International Car Forest of the Last Church. Part Cadillac Ranch, part Carhenge the International Car Forest of the last Church with its some 40 vehicles total garners a 4.5/5 rating from Yelp. I guess I need to go back.

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