October 2017

POTD: Battling Elk

Battling Elk
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

I wish I could say I took this photo of two back-lit elk bulls just as the sun was going down when I was out in the woods the other day. But in reality it was taken mid-day on the lawn between some administrative buildings at Mammoth Hot Springs. The low back light? That was courtesy of the early afternoon sun reflecting off of a car windshield.


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POTD: Straight-On

Yellowstone National Park, Montana

High up on a ridge above the Rescue Creek trail in Yellowstone a couple of days ago, a herd of 6-8 bighorn sheep rams let me hang out with them for a while. They were mostly indifferent to my presence, but occasionally looked my way to check on me, allowing me to take their portraits.

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