POTD: Roadside Tribute #2: Lee

Roadside Tribute #2: Lee
Trona, California


2 thoughts on “POTD: Roadside Tribute #2: Lee”

  1. Not the usual tribute you give fire fighters – although the grass skirt is kinda like a kilt the pipers wear when they play at some memorials. Not sure where that tradition came from either- the Scots Irish mafia of fire/police? btw, somehow lost my POTD feed in my travels last month, will this comment get it back filing into my inbox?

    1. The kilt/bagpipe thing derives (I imagine) from New York and Chicago where there are large populations of us Scots-Irish. As far as the emails go, for some reason your name has dropped off the list (except for your old forest service address for some reason). It probably happened when I switched to MailChimp to handle the POTD emails. Commenting on this post didn’t fix that, but I’ve taken care of it so you should see emails daily now.

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