August 2017

POTD: Eclipse Diamond Ring

Eclipse Diamond Ring
Idaho Falls, Idaho

I have previously posted a photo of the diamond ring at the end of totality. This one is from the beginning of totality. This one shows a second smaller diamond just to the right of the main one and two solar flares (at 1 and 3 o’clock). Note that I did not carefully check how level my camera was when photographing the eclipse so the true position of the diamond may differ from what is shown here.

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POTD: Day as Night #2

Day as Night #2
Bozeman, Montana

This one combines a photo of a mountain lion at night from the trailcam at our house with an eclipse photo. The night-time photos from the trailcam are monochrome and of poor quality. Hence the heavy use of Photoshop filters to dress it up. I think this composite photo perhaps has some merit (as an illustration, not a photograph) but it could use a lot more work. But I thought I’d post this intermediate version while I let it simmer in my mind for a while before trying to work on it again.


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POTD: Day as Night

Day as Night
Bozeman, Montana

For me, the single word that best describes viewing the total eclipse of the sun last week is surreal. With that in mind, I’ve been playing around with some surreal interpretations of the photos of the eclipse I took.

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POTD: Flatiron Revisited

Flatiron Revisited
New York City, New York

On our living room wall at home we have a photogravure printed from Edward Steichen’s original negative of an image of the Flatiron building that he took in 1904. On the spur of the moment while walking by, I thought I’d attempt to position myself to duplicate his image as closely as possible without looking up his image on my smartphone. Above is what I came up with after a little cropping and some treatment to make the daytime shot look more like Steichen’s nighttime shot. His original image is shown below. My guess as to the angle and position from which he took his photo was pretty close I think. I still like his better!

The Flatiron Building
Edward Steichen



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