POTD: Pepper Variations

Pepper Variations
Idaho Falls, Idaho

One of Edward Weston’s most famous photographs, Pepper No. 30 (shown below) is one of my favorites. My shot of the strange insides of a green pepper is a modern, mutated, tongue-in-cheek tribute to Weston’s iconic image. Perhaps that I took this shortly after the total eclipse may have something to do with its weird configuration!

Pepper No. 30
Edward Weston

2 thoughts on “POTD: Pepper Variations”

  1. Like you, I admire Weston’s #30 pepper. I also really like your version…the interior instead of the exterior view. The only thing I’m not sure of is the “leaf” at the top. It seems out of place in the sense that I can’t connect it to “pepper” and “against” the movement of the composition. Curious if you made any shots without the leaf and if so, why you chose this one. Great inspiration!

    1. That leaf was another part of the detritus from the cooking that was going on that day. The photo was taken on a whim so I didn’t bother to tidy up the scene. I did not try but I could certainly take out the leaf in Photoshop if I wanted. While it certainly adds to the strangeness of the image, perhaps the leaf adds to the whimsy of the photos comparison to Weston’s, perhaps it detracts.

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