POTD: Eclipse Solar Flares

Eclipse Solar Flares
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Here is a shot from complete totality that very clearly shows some solar flares. In the lower right quadrant there is a long ragged red band. I believe this may be what is called Bailey’s Beads, with the raggedness being caused by the sun shining through the mountains and valleys of the moon.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Eclipse Solar Flares”

    1. Thanks Mike. Just sorting through all my photos of the eclipse has been a fun reliving of the experience, and of course there’s the added bonus of seeing up close features that weren’t visible to the unaided eye.

  1. So what kind of setup did you use. I am assuming you had a zoom plus a tripod. Did you have any filter during the total phase? The more I see these the more sick I am that we had clouds.

    1. Telephoto on tripod. I had a filter but from 30 seconds before the start of full totality to 30 seconds after the end of totality there is no need for a filter and I took it off. Another chance for a total eclipse near you in a few years. It will have, I am told, something like 4+ minutes of totality rather than the 1.5 minutes we had. For my money totality is where it’s at. Compared to that short time the partial eclipse phases as well as the resulting photos are ho-hum.

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