POTD: The Fast and the Forlorn

The Fast and the Forlorn
Beijing, China

Two different works of art at the National Museum of Art, unrelated except for their proximity, invite a whole new interpretation when viewed in combination.

3 thoughts on “POTD: The Fast and the Forlorn”

  1. Looking at this photo, my interpretation would be “Unimpressed.” She looks unimpressed by the muscular man’s super hero pose.

    And if I would have been in the art museum with you, I would have taken a photo of him and a photo of her, completely missing the relationship you saw. My artistic eye needs glasses. Yours is impressive, and it reminds me to see more than I think is there.

    1. Yes, unimpressed is a good descriptor. Bored is another one I had thought of. However, I kind of wanted to use a word starting with F to match the Fast description so chose forlorn.

    2. Carol, I also wanted to add that while my artistic eye may have some merit, it certainly comes in spurts and often after the fact. I did not intend for this photo to come out the way it did. I was actually standing back a ways from the sculpture to get all if it in the frame. At the time I thought the background was distracting but figured I could blur it later in Photoshop if necessary. It was after I opened the photo on my computer that I realized that I had accidentally arranged the sculpture and the painting in an interesting manner. So I zoomed in and cropped it to create the composition you see here.

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