POTD: Shadow Art

Shadow Art
Beijing, China

I’m not too interested in porcelain vases etc., but last December while walking through the room containing the porcelain display at The National Art Museum of China, the shadows under one of the tables holding the display created a composition that I liked a lot.

6 thoughts on “POTD: Shadow Art”

  1. I opened up the comments to say I saw Alfred Hitchcock in profile and Judy Warr beat me to it. Abstracts are fun, everybody who is willing to really stop and look brings something different to an image.

    1. How funny that you and Judy thought of the same thing Allan. My thought when looking at the photo was that I wished that non-regular geometric shape wasn’t part of the composition. I was sorely tempted to take it out of the shot on the computer. Would it be a better composition with or without “Alfred’s face”? I don’t know, it would certainly create a different impression on the viewer–at least on those who were reminded of Hitchcock.

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