POTD: Spent Beauty #17

Spent Beauty #17
Bozeman, Montana

I have a collection of things, plant, animal, and mineral, sitting in around in my studio in haphazard groups waiting to become part of an inspired still-life composition some day. These particular items on my window sill seemed nicely arranged by accident and in the morning light the faded colors glowed nicely.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Spent Beauty #17”

  1. One thing I find very difficult and that takes me a long time to do is rake leaves in the fall. I spend my time looking at all of the individual leaves and setting them aside.

    Then there are the items that were dug out of a mineshaft a few hundred feet from my house that I had to save.

    Stuff is piling up and I think it may be time for me to pack it up and ship it all to you, so you can save it for the next twenty years.

    1. Allan, I have a good collection of leaves also, as well as one of feathers, and who knows what else. Perhaps we could start the National Museum of Unrealized Art Objects. With not much outreach to other photographers and artists, I’m sure we could amass an impressive collection.

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