POTD: No Protection

No Protection
Huanghuacheng, China

A slightly, but only slightly, exaggerated view of the smog at the Great Wall of China the day we were there. (It’s effect on the view was accentuated due to the long distance view through a telephoto lens and then I darkened the edges of the image for more drama.) Note the wall crawling up the spine of the front line of mountains to the watchtower at the top. Apparently the wall was great protection from invasion back before the days of gunpowder anyway, but it’s certainly offers zero protection from smog. A smog wall (as opposed to a wall of smog); now that’s something I could stand behind!

2 thoughts on “POTD: No Protection”

    1. Everything is right. I saw a number of trees and plants that did not look well and I imagined the smog being a major cause of that. Of course being winter, for the deciduous plants and trees it was a bit hard to tell whether it was failing health or just the season that made them look that way.

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