POTD: Smog As Art

Smog As Art
Beijing, China

I spent our last day in Beijing at the China National Art Museum. They have a very impressive collection of both traditional and contemporary Chinese art. As usual when visiting an inspiring art collection, it energized my own quest for artful photographs. I took this one out the window when I returned to our hotel room. The smog (“only” rated as very unhealthy today as opposed to the hazardous level that has been more common this week) created a lovely yellow filter effect, making for a very painterly image. I don’t know if it’s China National Art Museum worthy, but it pleases me.


5 thoughts on “POTD: Smog As Art”

  1. A gentle low-contrast, high key warm photo! Much like photographing the smoke of forest fires, without knowing the source of the “haze” it creates a beautiful photo! Safe travels back to the States.

    1. Thanks Kathy. Your comment reminds me of a comment I saw recently in a book I’ve been reading. The author was commenting on the dam at Lake Powell, saying it was quite beautiful if he ignored the fact that it’s basically an environmental disaster.

  2. Now USAToday is saying the smog is so bad that planes can’t land. It looks like you got out of there before it got worse.

    1. I hadn’t heard that. We left about 12 hours ago and you could see quite a ways–by Beijing standards anyway. Now we are in Seattle where the visibility is poor due to good old fashioned, relatively clean (I presume) fog.

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