POTD: Forbidden Sun

Forbidden Sun
Beijing, China

The afternoon sun silhouettes two of the distinctive buildings in the Forbidden City.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Forbidden Sun”

  1. When I visited the Forbidden City back in 2012, it was in the middle of a sudden extreme rain storm. So I enjoyed my visit as much as I could while also trying to avoid being poked in the eye by someone’s umbrella (there were umbrellas everywhere). Looks like you had much better weather than I did!

    1. I don’t know Tracy, except for the eye-poking issue, I think seeing such places in the rain really adds some drama to the scene. But both the rain you saw and the sun I saw there yesterday certainly are preferable to the smoggy skies today (rated as “very unhealthy”). Probably shouldn’t have walked that seven miles out there in it.

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