POTD: The Sheepherder

POTD: The SheepherderThe Sheepherder
Yinma Farm, China

Browsing material was hard to come by in this area so this sheep herder would walk along the trees and beat the upper branches of the brush and trees to knock off the drier leaves for his sheep to eat.

2 thoughts on “POTD: The Sheepherder”

  1. I like knowing that, somewhere, there are still sheep herders on foot caring for their sheep as has been done for centuries. I’m sure it’s not the most luxurious job with the best pay, but it has some pluses (being outside, with animals but no co-workers) that seem attractive.

    For some reason, this photo reminds me of our grandmother. Did she have a picture of a shepherd in her house? Or was it just the stories she would tell me?

    1. Carol, if my memory is correct, Grandma Blackwood had a picture on her wall of a St. Bernard finding a lamb in a snowstorm. No shepherd was in sight but one might conclude he (she) was not far away.

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