POTD: Near Miss

POTD: Near MissNear Miss
Shanghai, China


3 thoughts on “POTD: Near Miss”

  1. This reminds me of the opening scenes of the 1st Star Wars movie when the two Imperial spaceships collide! 🙂 Interesting sense of motion from what are static (building) subjects.

    1. Kathy, you must have a great memory or have been watching Star Wars movies more recently than I have. There’s no way I could have told you what the opening scene of the first movie was!

  2. Well, yes, I did watch the original Star Wars movies recently. I own the DVDs and watched when the new Star Wars episode was released. I just remember (truly) the opening scene of this giant space ship filling the entire movie screen for what seemed like minutes. Those were new special effects and certainly had an effect on me! 🙂

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