POTD: Diaphanous #3

POTD: Diaphanous #3Diaphanous #3
Bozeman, Montana

3 thoughts on “POTD: Diaphanous #3”

  1. I think I would like this better in b&w….but it’s still nice as is…the feeling of the light is there.

  2. I am loving your diaphanous series. The fabric creates a dreamlike quality, and the textures are inspire the senses. Did you create these scenes, or did you find them somewhere? Or is it none of my business? 😉

    1. Thanks Carol, I “found” these scenes hanging over the fireplace in our living room. It’s sort of a hanging sculpture thing that Connie put up there to help absorb sound in the room. (we have a bit of a problem with echoes.) It becomes a kinetic sculpture when the fireplace is on as the rising hot air moves the material around; kind of neat.

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