POTD: Part of the Problem

POTD: Part of the ProblemPart of the Problem
Montgomery, Alabama

[warning: political rant below]

These gentlemen are of some of the Chief Justices of the Alabama Supreme Court over the years. The statues stand about a half block from the capitol building on whose steps state troopers refused access to the voting rights supporters who arrived from Selma on March 25, 1965 after a 54 mile walk. These same state troopers had attacked the marchers on their initial attempt to start for Montgomery on March 7.

When your government officials not only refuse to protect your rights as citizens, but perpetrates state sanctioned violence against you as a means of denying you those rights, the world must seem a scary place. Certainly the situation with civil rights in Alabama has improved some since the fellows show here served but the courts in Alabama are still part of the problem–as evidenced by current Chief Justice Roy Moore’s defiant stance on the separation of church and state as well as gay marriage.



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