POTD: Old Guys Are Us

POTD: Old Guys Are UsOld Guys Are Us
Homewood, Alabama

There’s something about the workshops of old men that attracts photographers. The vernacular selection of tools, workbenches, and the makeshift adornments, along with the patina of both the work environs and the old men who inhabit these well-worn man caves are very compelling subjects. There have been many a project on this topic, Brooks Jensen’s Made of Steel in particular comes to mind.

I’ve taken my share of such photos over the years, this one being the most recent. While not necessarily the best workshop I’ve visited in terms of photographic opportunities, it did have quite an impact on me. You see, the old man inhabiting this workshop is my brother Ken who is only two years older than me. Since when did we become the old-guy generation, whose environs are capable of being such quaint subjects all of a sudden? Below is a photo of Ken in situ, old guy gray hair and all.

KenKen Blackwood
Homewood, Alabama

8 thoughts on “POTD: Old Guys Are Us”

  1. Great workshop photo, Larry! Besides the lighting, I really like the variety of shapes. Maybe I should photograph my neighbor’s garage/workshop/calf nursery. Though he doesn’t have gray hair yet. How does Ken like the picture of him?

  2. He wears his hair much like he did in college. I don’t think I’ve seen him since then. Seems like it got curly if he lets it grow out….

    1. Steve, Ken’s hair does get curly if longer (or it used to anyway) but he’s got nothing in that department on Randy in his Einstein/Santa Clause mode. His hair is not gray, closer to pure white.

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