POTD: Standout

POTD: StandoutStandout
Beartrap Canyon, Montana

Other than the color, this rock looked very much like the others it was nestled among.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Standout”

  1. My much earlier comment on galaxy s3 screen and your new screen format may have been in error. I am able to enlarge -at least in 4g -which I do not usually have when I have used the phone in the past to view your blog. The pod today has good detail.

    1. Steve, the POTD images are usually 400 pixels by 600 pixels. So you should be able to enlarge them at least to a size where each pixel of the image is represented by a single pixel on the screen (be it phone, tablet, or computer) without any degradation of the image. The actual size of the image when so enlarged of course depends on the pixel density of the screen being used.

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