POTD: Nine Below #8

POTD: Nine Below #8Nine Below #8
Yellowstone National Parks, Wyoming


9 thoughts on “POTD: Nine Below #8”

  1. This is very similar to #7. I actually like this one better since it’s a tighter shot of the snow formations.

  2. Nice pictures. Good flow, proportion and contrasts. #8 reminds me of peeking out over my bed sheets with a fuzzy view of an insistent Labrador trying to get me up. #7 reminds me of the surface of a milkshake before I attack it.

    1. Jim, speaking of faux nudes, a few years back I submitted this image to an online photo contest in the nude category and it won a prize. (It’s actually a photo of a tree–one with no clothes on so I guess technically it was nude.)

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