POTD: Beginning Again #1

POTD: Beginning Again #1Beginning Again #1 Bozeman, Montana 2014

I’ve got a series of flower blossom images, a series of seed pod images (Latent Potential) and a series of dried plant images (Spent Beauty) so perhaps I need a series on new plant shoots. I was going to just call it simply Beginnings or something like that but then, in recognition of the fact that it’s not a one way process but a life cycle that’s going on, decided on the Beginning Again title.


2 thoughts on “POTD: Beginning Again #1”

  1. A fitting title, I think, Larry. This photo further emphasizes the reproductive cycle since it looks like a phallus. Would probably burn in that upper left corner to complete the black backdrop, though.

    1. Is it my imagination or do women see phallus symbols more often than men? The Fashion Queen can sure pick them out more often than I do. (Although I must admit that thought crossed my mind in this particular case.)

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