POTD: Strength in Fashion 2011-2014

POTD: Strength in Fashion 2011Strength in Fashion Bozeman, Montana 2011

POTD: Strength in Fashion 2014Strength in Fashion Bozeman, Montana 2014

A little over three years ago when we were moving into our townhouse, the Fashion Queen was recovering from surgery. We didn’t have much furniture yet but she toughed out the rather primitive furnishings and enjoyed relaxing by the window, looking out over the creek in our back yard. Now, we are moving out of our townhouse and she is again recovering from surgery. Even though she just got out of the hospital last Tuesday, she’s been helping with the move every day. This photo was taken yesterday after all the furniture had been moved out; we had been back cleaning up and she finally took a break to rest and enjoy that same view of the creek one last time. Her mental and physical strength following surgery continues to amaze me.


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